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villa rosa riviera

In 1909, one of the first holiday houses was born in a small villa in Liberty style. In ’26, the Villa Rosa Riviera was expanded and redesigned as a grand hotel, and completed with a terrace for parties and a dome.In the thirties and during the era of fascism, the beach of Rimini begins to transform from exclusive “lido” to a beach for common people. The administration of the city follows the trend, promoting an extensive program of public works. Colonies and the first hotel facilities were built on the waterfront.

The Hotel Villa Rosa is one of the most elegant and popular hotel of the destination, expanded and renovated reached the maximum of its splendor. The material reconstruction, conducted with extraordinary energy, provided rapid recovery and economic take-off of a city that, already at the beginning of the fifties, it may be said, quite rightly,became the most important tourist center of Europe. The Villa Rosa Riviera Hotel, completely destroyed by bombing in World War II, was rebuilt in modern style on the promenade of Rimini Marina Centro.

Today the Hotel Villa Rosa Riviera, with its renovated rooms, elegant and comfortable, it is still one of the most famous and popular 4-star Hotels in Rimini Marina Centro. Managed by the family Salvatori, offers refined service attentive the needs of its customers.

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