We have reduced the use of plastic, all our packaging is made of organic and compostable material.

We prefer organic, seasonal and local products.

We buy meat and fish from a controlled supply chain that does not come from intensive farming, trying to limit their consumption.

Cured meats, cheeses and flours come from small local producers.

The water comes from Rimini sources and we limit the use of PET.

We separate all our waste.

We only use compostable materials.


Electricity from renewable sources.

We heat water with solar panels.

We offer water from our own spring at any time of the day.

100% energy-efficient lightning.

Each room is equipped with a natural soap dispenser.

We use environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning agents.


We offer the possibility to recharge electric cars.

We have bicycles to explore Rimini upside down.

You can rent electric scooters to move wherever you want.