cuori ebbri

Trattoria da Lucio was born from the idea of serving the best fish from our sea, with the awareness and consciousness of the millennium.

The name immediately communicate the idea that characterize us:
The clash between the historical and the contemporary.
By stating the name Lucio, our imagination recalls an historical, typical, old-styled Italian Trattoria. On the contrary, in this specific case, Lucio is Jacopo’s son who is three years old and he is the source of inspirations for Jacopo’s dishes and future accomplishments.

Our daily goal is to make the most of raw material: we take our inspiration from the way our parents and grandparents cook, appreciating its simplicity and authentic taste, in favour of a cuisine that is homely in spirit and modern in mind.

come ______________________ cuori
bastano rare serate ______________________ di lenti
te – c


Trattoria da Lucio Cuisine is renowned for utilizing only local fish, almost exclusively large cuts. Its taste and texture are enhanced thanks to the “Dry-Aged” technique.

Our restaurant is a Trattoria: Our cuisine is based on taste, genuineness, freshness and zero waste.
The Menu at Trattoria da Lucio is always being revised: we like to use seasonal ingredients, mainly cooked over a fire. Fire is a magical element, which gives the product ancestral sign.

*During the fishing ban, for the entire month of August, we will return to the land and serve sheep, pigeon and other fantastic animals.


opening time

Mon/Sun lunch and dinner
Tue / Thu / Fri / Sat DINNER
wednesday CLOSED